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These luxurious car scent diffusers are beautifully made with high quality thick frosted glass and a bamboo top. 
No more little trees in your car! 
They are classy and refillable yes you heard that right!

We sell refills as well so you can rest easy knowing that you are helping reduce the carbon footprint. 

The diffusers hold 7ml of liquid and lasts approximately 2-3 weeks

Instructions for use: Take diffuser out of wrapper, unscrew the wood lid, (For a stronger scent remove the plastic plug) (For a lighter scent poke good size holes in the plastic plug with a pin). Screw on the wood top tightly to make sure it does not leak. Turn your diffuser upside down and give it a good shake. You will notice the wood lid absorbing liquid this is a good sign as the lid and the string are what makes your fragrance throw scent. Please shake your diffuser once a week to keep it moist and smelling beautiful. If you are planning to hang your diffuser please make a knot at the top of the wood stopper to insure it does not fall. 


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