About us

 Segura Scent co.

Luxury Fragrances From The Heart

A Faith Based Christian Company located in Palmdale, California

Our Mission Statement

Bringing Faith Into Everyday Items; Segura Scent co. goes the extra mile providing the quality client services you deserve, with luxurious home fragrance products and gifts for everyone.

 About us 

We have been in the Home Textile / Fragrance / Skincare Industry since 2019. In 2023 we rebranded our business to bring you Segura Scent co. 

Our company uses only environmentally friendly, high quality, recyclable glass packaging that can be repurposed after the product is gone, or returned to us in good condition with all parts and pieces for a discount on your next order or a refill of your product.

We honor our Mother Earth and will continue to go the extra mile to provide quality, harsh chemical free, affordable, luxury products that look and smell amazing.

Our goals are simply to bring light to the world, bring joy to the hearts of many, while offering people of faith something they can feel good about using in their every day life. In doing this we are sharing the spirit of the Lord with the world and honoring our own faith in knowing that the Holy Spirit will provide, and divinely guide the right people to us. He knows exactly what we need before we ask.

We are blessed to have this opportunity and look forward to serving you. Thank you for being a part of the Segura Scent co. family. We appreciate every single one of you.

Segura Scent co.

A Family Company