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and Custom B2B (Logo Branded Orders).
We can make just about any type of candle in any scent and vessel you want.
(Orders Are processed In The Order They Are Received)
B2B Custom Wholesale Policy 
Please read these terms and agreements carefully as you (the customer) are responsible for making sure your orders turn out to your satisfaction. Once and order is placed It will not be refunded unless we can not get your requested scent or vessel in a timely fashion.
Please Note:
If you request a vessel that is out of stock in the USA; we will alert you to this issue and 1. offer to refund and cancel your order or 2. request your approval and an additional payment from you to purchase your supplies from over seas. You (the customer) will be responsible for all additional cost for the purchase of the vessels and shipping from overseas. This will be at your own discretion and additional processing time will be added and required to receive the additional products from over seas. Once all items are received your (20 business day) processing time will begin. We will notify you when your processing time will start. 
B2B Wholesale
Return/Exchange Policy
Returns and or exchanges are not permitted on custom orders. No exceptions.
Please be sure that you are ordering the correct amount, size vessel, scent, labels etc. Once we have begun processing your order we will not change the scent, vessel, or label design.
 Order Lead Times & Shipping
Our lead time for wholesale orders is (20 business days) and excludes holidays and weekends) from date of purchase before your order will be shipped to you. All orders are custom made to your specifications and order preference. These orders require additional time to acquire the specific supplies you have requested and to create your order
Shipping Policy
We use UPS for all orders containing glass. If you are local you will have the option to pick up your order instead of having it shipped to you. Once your order is processed you will receive a separate invoice for shipping.
Your order will not ship until all of your invoices have been paid in full. 
Our Non responsive policy states as follows: You have (7 business days) ((Not including holidays or weekends) to pay the shipping invoice from the date we send it to you. If after the (7 days) have passed and your invoice has not been paid, and you have not contacted us to make arrangements. Your non- refundable order will be canceled with no refund to you no exceptions. If you need to arrange a payment extension for your shipment please reach out to us and specify a date that payment will be received. If we do not receive payment on that date your order will be canceled with no refund no exceptions. If we do not hear from you after the initial 7 day grace period; you will forfeit any and all funds paid to us previous to your shipping invoice and the products we made will no longer be available to you.  It is the customer's responsibility to pay invoices on time or notify us if an extension needs to be made. We are not a collections agency and will not reach out to you after the (7 day) grace period. 
For more information on our policies and agreements please see the page at the top of our website  
Thank you for understanding this policy.
We work very hard to insure your satisfaction with custom orders.
It is our intention to have a great working relationship with our clients.